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 Feeling peckish?

Les Ardentes is pleased to offer you a large selection of foodtrucks offering a variety of quality products, all sprinkled with a good dose of conviviality.


Our carefully selected restaurateurs will be happy to treat you at any time of the day.

Let your taste buds travel.... We'll take you to Mexico, Italy, Asia and Africa. Let yourself be taken on a journey full of flavors.

Whether you're hungry or not, whether you're a savory or sweet team, we're sure to have something to satisfy you.

Our festival is consistent with current environmental issues. The selective sorting is a point of honor this year.

A food charter has been specially designed to certify that your favorite foodtrucks meet these issues. Local, seasonal, organic, vegetarian or Halal, you will be able to find on each stand the characteristics of its menu. So there is no room for doubt!