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6-7-8-9 july 23
Liège, Be

Mobility & Camping


In 2023, Les ARDENTES offers you new mobility solutions to avoid the car!  

If you have no other choice than to use your car to reach us, we strongly advise you to favour carpooling and the festival car parks.  

Les Ardentes will once again be held in Rocourt (Liège), Belgium! The entrance is located at Rue de l'Arbre Courte-Joie. We offer you different solutions to join us in the best possible conditions!

Bus - OnTours

You live in France, Belgium, Switzerland or Luxembourg and you want to come to Les Ardentes in complete peace of mind? Book your transport here now ! 
ONTOURS will take you as close as possible to the festival entrance and bring you back to the nearest car park!  

From France: click here. SOLD OUT
From Switzerland: click here. SOLD OUT
From Luxembourg: click here. SOLD OUT
Arrival on Wednesday 5/07 between 3pm and 5pm and departure on Monday 10/07 at 10:30am.  
Location: place of arrival = place of departure  

From Belgium: click here. SOLD OUT
Arrival in Liege at 12.30 and departure from Liege at 2.00 
Location: place of arrival = place of departure

For any questions or additional information, please visit www.ontours.fr

Train - SNCB

From July 5 to 10, take advantage of a discounted round-trip train ticket between any Belgian station and Ans station. Use the SNCB* code on your festival ticket, which you'll receive on June 22, to travel sustainably and at a reduced price! Free shuttle buses will then take you to the festival and campsite. Buy your Event Train Ticket right here!

If you're arriving at the Guillemins station, take a train connection to Ans station and then take advantage of the free TEC shuttles.

If you're coming from abroad, you'll find more info on the SNCB website.


(*) Festival tickets purchased via Fnac and Night&Day will not receive an SNCB code.


Shuttles - TEC (free)

Free TEC shuttles will be available to and from the SNCB station in Ans and the city centre of Liège (Cadran).  
The timetable will be available soon.


Bikes & scooters

To reach the festival by bike or scooter, take advantage of the adapted parking lot located behind the Delhaize (rue de l'Arbre Courte Joie)! The parking is managed by our stewards from Thursday to Sunday from 12pm to 2am. Don't forget to bring your lock or anti-theft device.

By the way, come by bike and leave with a 5€ Decathlon voucher!

By car


Don't forget that you can have fun without overdoing it .

Don't drink and drive. If in doubt, breathalysers will be available at info points around the festival.

Festival drop-off  
Get a lift as close to the Ardentes as possible! A drop-off point will be available near the festival entrance.  
The Drop off P+R Vottem : The most direct way to get there is to use the A3, exit E313 Liège Vottem. The E313 exit will be indicated on the motorway. Then follow the DROP OFF signs from the motorway exit.

This year, carpool to the Ardentes! Share your travel and parking costs with people who are on the same route as you! To propose your journey or to find a person who makes the same journey as you go to this link.



Traffic and parking will be forbidden in the vicinity of the festival for unauthorized persons. If you wish to come by car to Les Ardentes, it is essential to reserve your parking space before the festival (it will not be possible to purchase parking spaces on site).

To reach us by car as easily as possible, you can park in the city center of Liege and take advantage of the free TEC buses to come to the festival! Benefit from discounts in the following parking lots in the city center :  

  • Parking Cité :   WhatsApp Image 2023-06-02 at 16.01.34.png

1 day = 7€ / day 
2 days = 6€ / day 
3 days = 6€ / day 
4 days = 6€ / day 
5 days = 5€ / day 
Address : Quai de la Goffe 15, 4000 Liège

Conditions : Reservation possible via this link between July 5th and 10th 2023 

  • Parking Saint George :   WhatsApp Image 2023-06-02 at 16.01.34.png

1 day = 7€ / day 
2 days = 6€ / day 
3 days = 6€ / day 
4 days = 6€ / day 
5 days = 5€ / day 
Address : Quai de la Batte, 4000 Liège 
Conditions : Reservation possible via this link between the 5th and the 10th of July 2023. 

  • Parking Saint Denis :  

24h = 7€ 
Address: Rue Souverain-Pont 44 or Place Saint Denis 1 
Conditions: The parking lot is accessible 24h/24h. You just have to show your bracelet at the reception desk of the parking lot to get the discount voucher which will allow you to go to the automatic cashier and benefit from the reduced rate. 

  • Parking Liège Carré-Jonfosse : 

24h = 8,90€ 
Address : Rue Jonfosse 73, B-4000 Liège 

ATTENTION the other parking lots in the city center close at midnight.

Ardentes parking lots

We also offer parking lots in the vicinity of the festival, so book now via the ticket office. Several options are available to you :

  • Camper parking
  • Festival parking day pass
  • 4-day festival pass parking

PMR parking: reserve your space by e-mail to pmr@lesardentes.be 


Click on your car park to drive there via Waze!