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11-12-13-14 july 24
Liège, Be

Les Ardentes is offering young artists the chance to perform on the Wallifornia Stadium stage on Thursday, July 11, during the 2024 edition of the festival. 

The competition is open to all Belgian (or Belgian-resident) hip-hop and urban music musicians. 

A jury made up of a member of Reflektor, a member of Les Ardentes and contest sponsor KAER__ONE selected 4 finalists to perform at Les Ardentes on the Wallifornia Stadium stage on Thursday, July 11.

These 4 finalists presented a mini-show of 2 to 3 tracks at the Reflektor on May 17.

They then benefited from stage coaching with Kaer to prepare their performance at Les Ardentes.

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Music has always been a part of Clelia's life, from an early age. Her atypical background, marked by encounters, travels and emotionally-charged experiences, has forged her musical universe and artistic sensibility. At the age of fifteen, she began writing poems, which quickly evolved into songs. This is how she discovered her passion for writing

writing. Over time, Clelia has developed an eclectic musical universe, blending the influences of pop, R&B and electro.


Nomadic since childhood, Deva Muse decided to base herself in Brussels 4 years ago. Cradled by classical singer parents, Deva really discovered herself when she was offered her first Aaliyah album and an iPod with the track "Still DRE" downloaded onto it. Her pen and voice express an exalted sensibility with surprising strength and determination.

After three years' silence, Deva returns to the French-speaking scene with the release of her next opus, Eclosia, on May 30, 2024.


Nams, an emerging artist from Brussels, has recently made his mark on the music scene. An EP and a series of singles with urban, pop and new wave influences make up his flourishing discography. His creations have rapidly propelled him onto social networks, enabling him to acquire an active audience of several thousand committed listeners.


Tussy is a rapper and member of the O'B League collective. His music is like his personality: a quiet force that seeks to surpass itself.

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