How are payments made at the festival?

What is the festival schedule?

What can I bring to the festival ?


I want to exchange my ticket

I have an installment plan ticket and I want to exchange my ticket

I want to pay my ticket in 2 times

I did not receive a confirmation email

I want to upgrade a ticket purchased in a store

I want to personalize my ticket


What is the address of the campsite ?

When is the campsite open?

What are the access conditions ?

What is Regular Camping ?

Can I bring my own tent at the Regular Camping ?

What is All-Star Camping ?

Can I bring my own tent at the All-Star Camping ?

I have a 4 day pass + Regular Camping, can I access All-Star Camping?

I bought a 4-day PASS, how can I upgrade it to a 4-day PASS + Camping Regular?

I bought a 4 day pass, how can I upgrade it to a 4 day pass + Camping All Star ?

Can I bring my own tent at the Regular Camping ?

What type of tent is allowed on the campsite?

Can I access the campsite with a day ticket ?

What is not allowed on the site?

I am a minor and I wish to enter the campsite.

Is my vehicle allowed on the campsite?

What activities are not allowed on the campsite?


Can I sign up to volunteer for this edition?

Can I choose my position and hours?

Can I have the same job and hours as my friends?

Is there anything to eat at the festival?

How are payments made at the festival?

What are the consequences if I don't complete my assignments or don't complete them correctly?

Can I enter and leave the site as I please?

How can I get to the festival site from Liege?

Can I change my position after I register?

What are my privileges as a volunteer?

How many hours will I work per day?

Will I receive training before I start?

Who can I contact in case of a problem or emergency?

How do I know my working hours?

Can I stay at the Ardentes campsite?


Why PRM tickets?

Why is there a form to fill out when I buy a ticket or a PRM Pass?

Can I change a ticket for a PRM ticket?

Can I exchange a 4-day PRM pass for a 4-day PRM + camping pass?

Do I have to pay extra if I buy a PRM ticket?

I bought a PRM + companion combo ticket with the same name, what should I do?

I am a pregnant woman, am I considered PRM?

I have just broken my leg or had an operation that had a major impact on me. Am I considered to be a PRM ?

I have a non-visible disability, what can I do ?

Do I have to pay for my PRM parking?

Is the campsite accessible for people with reduced mobility ?

Is the All Star campsite accessible to PRM ?

Is the PRM entrance the same as the main entrance?

What if I need special care or medication?

As a PRM, can I come accompanied / With whom can I come accompanied?

Can my friends accompany me to the facilities for PRM?

How do I know if my disability allows me to have PRM access?

Is there any accommodation specially adapted for PRM?

Are there any parking lots specially adapted for PRM?

What facilities are planned for PRMs on the site? / What stages will PRMs have access to?