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La Fève


La Fève

Despite his hectic schedule, which oscillates between art school and making deliveries for Uber Eats on a Ludix, Louis AKA La Fève has managed to find time for his passion: music. A Soundcloud veteran, the youngster has released one EP after another (notably the 'Nocturne' series), taking advantage of the creative freedom offered by the platform. This freedom, along with the community of original artistic proposals that evolves there, has enabled many artists to build a singular identity. La Fève is one such example. In 2019, he meets an eclectic collective, Walone, with a very complete range of skills. Whether it's photography, production, styling or communications, its members know how to do it all. The group and the rapper worked together on a video clip, then went to Rotterdam, where they shot the clips for "Lady D" and "300E la plaquette". Friendships were formed during the trip, and LAF joined the collective. The members of the collective immediately took on the roles of producer, artistic director and manager.


In the autumn of 2020, now over-trained and well surrounded, La Fève moved on to the next level with the release of the KOLAF EP, in collaboration with Marseille beatmaker Kosei. The project received extremely favourable reviews and represented a real leap forward in the careers of the two artists. They established themselves not only as rookies to watch closely, but above all as the standard-bearers of a new 'genre' with unique offerings. After a number of high-profile featurings in 2021 (with Roshi, EDGE, Khali and J9ueve), La Fève announces a stunning comeback with the track 'Mauvais Payeur', more than a year after the release of KOLAF.


Written by Demma, the instrumental is dark and heavy, like the monochrome visuals on the cover, and accompanies the rapper who is as precise and sharp as ever. The track entered the Spotify Top 200. At a time when music is consumed quickly, when the market is constantly saturated by a host of artists, La Fève shows us that he takes the time to refine his quality tracks. With this comeback, La Fève has positioned himself as the little prince of rap, and has raised a lot of expectations. He's finally ready to justify the success of KOLAF with the ERRR mixtape. Backed by his favourite beatmakers, including Kosei, Freakey, Lyele Gwap and DoomX, La Fève is more versatile than ever. A wealth of flows and incisive gimmicks support lyrics that depict his daily life and that of his loved ones on this 18-track mixtape.


Trap, money and honour are the watchwords. His calm nonchalance is always present, but La Fève seems full of ambition tempered by an apprehension of the changes that come with success: false friends and traitors lie in wait. Featuring on the mixtape are S.Téban and Zamdane, two rappers from Marseille's new wave, as well as $ouley, a respected figure on the French Soundcloud scene. The year 2021 has been rich in encounters, new experiences and sources of inspiration, and the artist from 94 will be marking the end of the year with a carefully crafted product. Suffice to say, we haven't heard the last of this mixtape.


Unsurprisingly, La Fève's mixtape was a resounding triumph. With a gold disc and three gold singles to his name, as well as a tour of the French-speaking world, he has left behind his beginner's label to join the rap elite. The media and even the fashion industry are now turning their attention to him, recognising the undeniable impact of his project. Released in December 2021, La Fève's ERRR mixtape has made a lasting impression. Its success has only grown over time, continually attracting new listeners.


This meteoric rise is no accident; it's the result of raw talent and an unshakeable passion for the art of rap. After a two-year absence, La Fève's return is set to be a tidal wave. His featuring appearances have caused quite a stir, suggesting an even brighter musical future. His ability to captivate his audience is undeniable, and his influence on the rap scene has become indisputable. With solid, consistent statistics to his credit, La Fève has become a rap darling, an artist who redefines the norm and continues to surprise and inspire his fans, even more so with his brand new project 24, freshly released at the end of 2023. Considered the rookie of the last few years, he is now the one who will be contributing to the exposure of developing artists such as Zequin, Yung L.A. and Knucks, all of whom feature on the 24 album.