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11-12-13-14 july 24
Liège, Be




The Algerian artist, who made his name on the track 3inyia ("eyes") in 2020, has released his second EP 1.6.

"1.6' for this version of Counter-Strike, which marked an era in Algiers that marked a whole era in Algiers, when young and old met up at the cyber to escape in the early 2000s. "1.6" also stands for the code for the wilaya of Algiers, 16, the city where TIF was born and grew up.

After singing in Houma Sweet Houma about exile and his arrival in France, TIF tells us in 1.6 about the building stage, here in France. It's a building process mixed with nostalgia: nostalgia for the neighbourhood, for his family, for Algiers.

Of an era that no longer exists. 1.6 confirms the artist's musical universe:
raw, touching lyrics, heady, melancholy melodies and exhilarating North African rhythms that make you dance and forget.