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11-12-13-14 july 24
Liège, Be




Who better to join on stage to celebrate Côte d'Ivoire's victory at the CAN 2024? Jok'air, of course!

A key member of the MZ, Jok'air continues to exist and release project after project, always offering a new and creative artistic direction. In 2023, he released his album MELVIN DE PARIS, with an XXL tracklist featuring Damso, Laylow, So La Lune, Soprano, Linema and Kady. In particular, he pays tribute to MZ by sampling the track PRINCE DE LA VILLE on his featuring with Laylow VIVE LE GANG.

He'll be on stage on Sunday 14 July alongside Yeat, DJ Snake, Booba, PLK, Zola & Koba LaD... you name it!