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11-12-13-14 july 24
Liège, Be




In the vast musical universe where Afrobeat, Hip Hop and R&B merge,
emerges an artist with a bold personality and spellbinding music:
JAFFA. Of Belgian and Guinean origin, and adopted by the fiery city of Liège,
at the crossroads of two distinct cultures, giving her music a unique flavour.
a unique flavour.

Singer, songwriter, composer and storyteller, Jaffa leaves her mark wherever she goes.
her mark wherever she goes. Like a rare spice, she clings to your soul, adding an
adding an exquisite note to every melody. Her art does not go
just one dose of her creativity is enough to set a song alight.


Having been unable to perform last year, Roswein, Jaffa, Lucvs and MHO look forward to seeing you at the Wallifornia Stadium on Thursday 11 July.


Supported by Sabam for Culture & Playright