Mehdi Maizi x Mouse Party


Mehdi Maizi x Mouse Party

There were the famous Abcdr evenings. There were two memorable episodes of Sauce Club. Now there are the Mouse Parties. The name changes but the promise remains the same: to party all night long to lots of bangers and very little Zumba. Around Mehdi Maïzi, you'll find some of the best Parisian rap DJ's, capable of playing a track by 1pliké140, an obscure Freeze Corleone and a Dany Dan classic in a row without any trouble. If you've spent time listening to and watching programmes like NoFun, l'Abcdr, La Sauce, Rap Jeu or Le Code, mouse Party will be their answer in the form of a party, with the ambition of recreating the vibe of Mehdi's shows.

DJing for over 20 years, Noumzee is a true deejaying powerhouse and is capable of exploring any rap scene when he is on the decks. One of the most versatile and complete DI's of the current Parisian scene.

Juggling R&B, rap and house, Phen has been in love with music since he was young. Somewhere between the influence of the Neptunes and the French Touch, he is the sensual touch you need for your party.

A leading rap journalist, Mehdi Maizi actually prefers to listen to rap music all night rather than talk about it for hours. That's why he organizes these parties.