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11-12-13-14 july 24
Liège, Be

Beendo Z


Beendo Z

Cletus, real name, is a French rapper born on 17 March 1998 in Saint-Gratien in the Val-d'Oise, better known by his stage name Beendo Z.

Shaped by his family's love of football, Beendo Z developed a passion for the sport from an early age, and despite showing promise as a footballer, an accident put an end to his footballing aspirations, prompting him to turn to rap.

Beendo Z quickly established himself as one of the rookies of the French rap scene, thanks in particular to his track ‘Pas bête’. His meteoric rise catapulted him to the forefront of the scene, enabling him to share the bill with such renowned artists as Wejdene, La Fève, So La Lune, Leto, Zed...


Beendo Z will be at Les Ardentes on 12 July alongside Uzi!