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11-12-13-14 july 24
Liège, Be




    Even with a packed schedule from high-profile bookings like Werchter, Rolling Loud Rotterdam, Amsterdam Dance Event and appearances at Paris Fashion Week. Antwerp-based DJ yunobi, known for stylizing his stage name in lowercase, managed to find the time to launch his own event, 'ONLY4THADRILL'. Therefor, you can ask anyone in the Belgian scene about yunobi, and unanimous praise will follow.

    Initially, yunobi was the artist on the lineup who pleasantly surprised everyone by delivering a mix of trap, hip-hop, and drill.
    His deep love for music and the unifying culture it represents comes from his father. During his teenage years, yunobi explored his father's vinyl collection, effortlessly blending various styles with then-unknown artists from the bustling scenes of Atlanta or New York. Soon, he became the go-to figure for deciding who attended which event.

    Thanks to a series of successful mixtapes on Soundcloud, yunobi was picked up by LiveNation for bookings in 2022. Notable names like VICE, OALLERY, GLOBAL WARNING and FLANEUR , as well as national and international artists such as Pi'erre Bourne, Denzel Curry, Aminé, Concrete Boys and more, have already entrusted him with the CDJs at their shows.