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11-12-13-14 july 24
Liège, Be

She The DJ


She The DJ

SHE THE DJ : She The DJ is a refreshing newcomer from the underground music scene. Her love for music comes from a wide range of influences that can be found in her sets. Like no other, she effortlessly glues funky house, dark ukg and all kinds of broken beat together. The result of all her influences forms a refreshing combination and her very own sound.

UNOS : Enigmatic & esoteric Belgium-based Producer and DJ. Her sets range from playing colorful, eclectic music to playful tunes and hard-hitting tunes. Cementing her place in the music scene by being part of Singapore’s most notorious electronic underground label “Darker Than Wax,” UNOS’ music transcends people onto dance floors and puts them into a trance. She released earlier this year her first EP titled Boodle Fight. She had the pleasure of sharing the decks with influential artists such as CC:DISCO!, Cinthie, Shy-One, Moxie, Jamie Tiller, Dan Shake, DJ Boring, Baltra, DJ EARL, Marco Weibel, Lefto, Ricky Razu, Dean Chew, ALiA and many more. UNOS elevates kinetic combinations of house, techno, breaks, trance, and moody and melodic music designed for dance floors.