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11-12-13-14 july 24
Liège, Be




An angelic voice and generational lyrics. A violinist at the Conservatoire but it was with a self-taught acoustic guitar that Kyana began sharing her own compositions on the social network TikTok.

Encouraged by the positive feedback, and after a natural move into the recording studio recording studio, the young woman launched her budding career with her first MAUVAIS CÔTÉ". The single is both a successful Kyana's work to the general public, and a perfect introduction to her first introduction to her first project, LUNA, unveiled in June 2023. Through this eclectic and introspective five-track album, the young singer-songwriter from the 94 lays the solid foundations of a rising musical career.

Kyana's remarkable versatility has already earned her a number of awards, including Kyana's versatility has already made her the subject of numerous requests album SUN7 by HOUDI, a rising star on the French rap scene, or her inclusion on the tracklist of the latest mixtape from rap media outlet La Pépite.

In December 2023, she featured with YG Pablo on Raplume's "Miel" project and the following month on Mademoiselle Lou's "Les Ombres" project.

Kyana will be at Les Ardentes on 13 July!