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11-12-13-14 july 24
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Two years after unleashing their groundbreaking debut album "Dark," the inventive KRANKk crew from Antwerp is back to redefine the musical landscape. Comprising the talented musicians and producers Aram Abgaryan on keys, Thomas Geysen on drums, and Willem Heylen handling guitar and electronics, this trio is about to push the boundaries once more.


What sets KRANKk apart is their boundless versatility and their propensity for pushing the limits of their craft. Drawing inspiration from the heart of UK Garage, they've now ventured into the realm of Drum & Bass, where they've masterfully taken the genre's signature features - the rapid breakbeats, foreboding basslines, menacing reese sounds, and enveloping harmonies - and given them their unique, innovative twist.


Their latest EP, "THR33FOLD," hit the airwaves in the spring of 2023 through Radar Records, a sublabel of the legendary DJ Murdock's Rampage Records. DJ Murdock, renowned as the mastermind behind Rampage, the world's largest Drum & Bass and Dubstep event, and a prominent Studio Brussel DJ, has recognized their exceptional talent.


The "THR33FOLD" EP signifies a pivotal milestone in the journey of KRANKk. This EP embodies the completeness of their musical productions and showcases a remarkable evolution in their quest for the ultimate sound. It includes standout singles such as "The Wire" featuring rapper Shaka Shams, the winner of the prestigious Nieuwe Lichting 2022 award. Shams' raw lyricism, combined with the ominous production, harks back to the golden days of The Prodigy and Front 242. Another notable single is "LAW" with vocalist Mad Hed City, known for his collaborations with The Prototypes on tracks like "Pop It Off" and "Levelz."


But KRANKk's journey extends far beyond music. Their innovative spirit has led them to create a groundbreaking immersive audio experience. This mind-bending auditory adventure was showcased at Pukkelpop in both 2022 and 2023, where their Booth stage was transformed into a 360° platform. The intent was to submerge every soul present in their soundscapes.


During their hiatus from releasing music, the KRANKk crew dedicated themselves to perfecting their live set and crafting multi-sensory experiences that take their music to new heights. One of their most remarkable creations was "RESET," a captivating and all-encompassing performance that indulged the senses. This transcendent spectacle graced renowned art centers such as theSingel, Bozar, and the current art center VIERNULVIER (the Vooruit).


 "RESET" went above and beyond the ordinary by integrating not only music and visuals but also dance, with three exceptional dancers with disabilities taking center stage. What truly set "RESET" apart was the inclusion of scents and an early form of immersive audio, delivering an entirely new way to experience KRANKk's music.


KRANKk is not merely a group of musicians; they are visionary artists pushing the boundaries of live performance to the extreme, all while championing inclusivity and pioneering artistic expression. Their musical voyage is equally an exploration of the arts, and they continue to expand not only their horizons but those of their audience.

As evidence of their versatility, the trio is embarking on an exciting journey into the world of Drum & Bass, delivering a fresh perspective on this genre. 


They've already garnered a reputation for their top-notch productions and their finger-on-the-pulse sound. Their reverence for the classics, from Burial to Noisia, shines through, making them a delight for fans of Chase & Status, Goldie, as well as Overmono and Four Tet.


Stay tuned, as after the summer of 2023, KRANKk is launching the plan for their second album, "Late Nights In Antwerp," featuring exciting collaborations with Selah Sue, Yann Gaudeuille, and Ragga Twins. The album is slated for release in the spring of 2024. KRANKk is your passport to the sound of today with deep respect for the pioneers of the past, and it's a journey you won't want to miss.