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11-12-13-14 july 24
Liège, Be




The story began on YouTube, with a track unveiled every week for over a year. 500,000 subscribers and 130 million views later, Kikesa is already talking about his third opus, due out on 8 September.

Kikesa took his first steps in Nancy, and very quickly he was put forward by Booska-P, who listed him as one of the "11 rappers to watch" back in January 2019. Then it was Deezer who approached him about taking part in the "La relève" project, a compilation of young urban talent available exclusively on the streaming platform.  The result was his debut album, Puzzle, and his first sold-out Olympia.

In 2022, KIKESA is thinking big, announcing a new tour and, alongside the live show, an astonishing second album featuring RUBI, her imaginary friend in the form of a 3D character. Rubi will be present throughout the album. "Rubi' is the talk of the town, with an ever-growing fan base thanks in part to the efforts of KIKESA, who is hugely committed to her community. A discord was set up, and there were repeated live shows and surprise appearances for fans. But after a year of working with Rubi, Kikesa was ready to break free, and the last track on the album marked the end of this strange collaboration. From now on, no more compromises, he'll do what he wants. And that means rap.

It was the track "Feat" that marked this shift from urban pop to rap. With over 1.5 million YouTube views, this artistic turnaround was a slap in the face. Rapunchline, Booska P, Interlude... the media were all talking about it. Building on this first step, a few weeks ago he unveiled the track "Chaud", a brand new exercise in style in which KIKESA reveals his pen with a never-before-seen figure of speech, taking things a step further.

Pre-orders for her third opus, ADIEU, are now open. An original concept with three album editions in three different visual universes. A 'love' theme, a 'gang' theme and an 'arty' theme, each with 3 brand new audio tracks. The albums in shop will all be covered in a slipcase, so your purchase will be a surprise. Which edition will you be buying? And because Kik never does things by halves, he's also offering a fourth, exclusive 'feat' version on his KIKESA.STORE, which will be launched at the beginning of July. On this version, he's offering everyone the chance to record a feat with him. Pre-order the version, get some unreleased tracks, record your part and take part in the big voting competition before meeting the artist, performing the track live in a battle at the record company and maybe winning the chance to be in a feat on Kik's album.  All versions of ADIEU will be released on 8 September.