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Helena Lauwaert b2b Stanislawa


Helena Lauwaert b2b Stanislawa

STANISLAWA: Stanislawa is a visionary queer artist living between Brussels and Amsterdam. Her passion for 90s techno and dreamy trance is matched only by her passion for creating liberating soundscapes. Stanislawa is founder and co-director of the Deep Down East collective and her mission is to bring the vibrant techno culture of Eastern Europe to the heart of Western Europe.

She has reinforced her presence in the Belgian scene by performing at iconic venues such as Fuse, Decadance, C12, Funke and Kompass. Collaborations with Boiler Room, Modul'air, Kiosk Radio, Paradise City and collectives such as Not Your Techno, Alliance Club and VESELKA have enriched her artistic career.

But her impact is not limited to Belgium. Stanislawa's explorations have resonated across Europe, from the pulsating heart of Berlin's Club OST to the Ra:dius festival in the Netherlands. From Poland to Denmark, her music has found its way to receptive ears, setting dance floors ablaze and creating lasting memories. On 1 May, she released her highly anticipated EP Forever Strong, featuring 4 uniquely personal tracks that combine hard-hitting contemporary 909 kicks with trancy 90s leads.

HELENA LAUWAERT: Young and emerging, Helena Lauwaert harmoniously mixes a wide variety of genres such as house, techno, hard dance, hard trance, groove and speed house in her DJ performances. Helena Lauwaert's fluid musical selection and intelligence behind the decks have already opened doors for her at Fuse, Exhale, Kompass, Extrema Outdoor, Paradise City and many others. A record that clearly shows she has a bright future ahead of her.


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