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11-12-13-14 july 24
Liège, Be




CARBONNE on stage is a unique experience.

The elements that people have enjoyed in his videos and clips, as well as the creative moments shared off-camera, come to life on stage.

It's a meeting where fiction becomes reality, where the audience and the artist become one.

Still driven by the same infectious energy, and surrounded by a solid team that lives the project to the full and provides the right ingredients, CARBONNE refines its identity and nurtures an ambitious hybrid musical project.

Drawing inspiration from his Spanish roots and Mediterranean experience, CARBONNE's music is refreshing, unifying and warm, blending traditional sounds with contemporary lyrics and aesthetics, with a touch of melancholy to round it all off.

Joining him on stage are the same protagonists who made the magic possible in the studio: Rodolphe on guitar, Léoland on piano and Jiddybruh / Tosmah on machines. He'll be at Les Ardentes on 13 July!