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11-12-13-14 july 24
Liège, Be




Bleuroise, an artist from Liège of Congolese origin, revealed her particular artistic sensibility at an early age, expressing her emotions mainly on paper, whether personal or inspired by the world around her.


Her musical palette is as diverse as the musical genres she grew up with, ranging from Congolese rumba to French variety, American and French rap, reggae, soul and pop. Refusing to limit herself to a single universe, Bleuroise prefers to explore, discover, learn and create. She sees herself as a free electron, composing for herself as well as for others, sharing her creations with the world.


The colour blue is central to her artistic universe. Associating blue with ink, she sees feelings in the form of shades of blue, ranging from pinkish blue to violet blue and shades of greenish blue, capable of coating all colours. Royal blue also evokes the colour of her paternal grandfather's grave.


Bleuroise has come a long way in her quest for legitimacy as an artist, and writing is for her a natural automatism, more predominant than speaking. Despite this paradoxical facet, she manages to establish an intimate connection with her audience, touching on a whole range of feelings, giving the impression of being a close friend when you listen to her!