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6-7-8-9 july 23
Liège, Be

The Raplume x Les Ardentes stage unveiled!

Discover the emerging artists of the French rap scene live on the Raplume stage on Friday, July 7!



A technical and sharp rap, Detroit inspirations and autotuned melodies, here is the formula that explains the sudden success of AAMO, in only a few months on the platforms.
Through his collective NGC 1976, a new wave from Switzerland is about to conquer France, and will perform in Belgium for the very first time at the Ardentes.

H La Drogue

Young rapper from Clamart in the 92, H. La Drogue was spotted via his series of freestyle seklenland on YouTube. He released the project "Beretta" in 2022 with only solo tracks, a project that constitutes his "calling card".
He comes back at the beginning of 2023 with the powerful single " H ", which makes him discover and validate by the greatest number, success which will be confirmed by the successful release of his second project " DROGUE " in March 2023 in which we can find feats with notably 1plike 140 and Le Risque.

Mademoiselle Lou 

She tries to be discreet, but it is difficult to miss her as her aura is captivating. When Mademoiselle Lou sings, the atmosphere suddenly seems lighter. The restlessness falls asleep and the quietness of the night awakens. The sweetness of her voice and the sincerity of her pen make this young 21 year old woman the new gem of the French hip hop scene.


Surrounded by SWK, the Mayor of Geneva moves with the cream of Swiss rappers, a universe of winners. The form and the car are diplomatic, the background is disgusting. Born in 1995 in Neuchâtel, the rapper with Eritrean origins started rapping at the age of thirteen. Since these first emotions, impossible to miss the man who saw the bear. In two years, the legend has become a must-see


Maka is a young Belgian who has been swimming in trap and RnB since he was very young. Very influenced by these two genres, Maka is versatile and technical. He is able to pose on all types of prods.
On a production between trap and drill realized in binomial by Ozhora Miyagi and Pitt, the new hope of the Belgian rap gives himself to joy and connects punchlines and very street phases, making this track a real banger. With its energetic beat, its layers limit West Coast and its catchy chorus, the young rapper of the label Auguri signs a comeback in great pomp with this ultra-efficient street hit.


Straight out of the North of France, Sto is an artist with rap and electro sounds, mixing electronic codes with rap. Strong of his musical origins, he proposes a futuristic art associated with texts that reflect a dark and hopeful life. 
Young precursor of current rap trends, he identifies with European artists and transmits a life experience through innovative rhythms, like his flagship track "HEB". Always accompanied by Lowonstage, he brings his own codes and energy, driven by an authentic vision that have everything to make him the artist of tomorrow.

Stony Stone

Stony Stone is one of the great hopes of the new generation from Marseille, discovered by a growing public with his series of Step freestyles. He is one of those artists who cannot be pigeonholed. 


HOUDI is a comet. Active for only a year, the rapper from 77 is now the rookie whose name is on everyone's lips. Hyperactive, his already musically varied discography has led his assertive phrasing and teasing writing to make him the next phenomenon ready to explode in French rap.


DJ and producer based in Brussels, Géo will be at the Ardentes on Friday July 7th!DJ and producer based in Brussels, Géo will be at the Ardentes on Friday July 7th!


Roxane Peyronnenc

For the past 6 years, Roxane Peyronnenc has made a name for herself in the urban environment as a photographer and video director. Carried by her musical knowledge of the milieu, by her regular connections and interactions as a member of the Raplume media, she is constantly on the alert to discover and listen to new sounds. Curious, she wanted to get behind the decks and add a new string to her bow: DJ. For 3 years she has been mixing in rap parties, between her two cities: Paris and Marseille.