The French rap game at Les Ardentes

From the North to the South via the capital, the French rap game is in force this summer at Les Ardentes!

Leto & Guy2Bezbar are the freshest winning duo in the capital! After a lot of featurings, the two rappers announced a common project last November. Their track Sosa revealed in performance on Colors already accumulates more than 6 million views. This summer they will take you to the stars!  

Alonzo, the rapper from Marseille, former member of Psy 4 de la rime, has been a heavyweight in his solo career since 2009. With hits like Papa Allo, Binta or Traficante, fiery feats with Ninho, Gradur, le 13 Organisé, Imen Es, Jok'air and more, Alonzo has crossed the times and rap trends while remaining at the top. He will be at the Ardentes this summer and promises a show of fire. Be ready! 

The king of the North will be at Les Ardentes. Originally from Roubaix, ZKR launched his 5 min freestyle series in 2018, where he sends out wild rap demos and it's in this series that one episode particularly stands out and propels his career another dimension, the freestyle #8 released in June 2020 that has gone viral, counting over 60 million views.