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6-7-8-9 july 23
Liège, Be

Gazo, Josman & Dinos join the incredible line-up of Les Ardentes!

Gazo, Dinos and Josman will also be there!

A rapper is above all a voice. Gazo's voice is just like his character: hoarse, deep, and threatening. She is also one of the most prominent of the French drill wave, a rap sub-genre that has ravaged everything in its path in France in 2020, and which has seen a swarm of young rappers trying to make a name for themselves.


Dinos, the rapper with the beautiful pen, has become a true accomplished artist.

Just as the Internet was coming into its own, Dinos discovered Rap Contenders: he was immediately selected and put his counterparts to shame. He was only 17 years old.

The years go by, many must envy Dinos, but few know his recipe. Melancholy, spleen, sadness, poetry and heartache... Dinos is one of these new kind of rappers: those who do not hesitate to reveal their feelings.


Figurehead of the new French rap scene, solitary UFO, rough diamond. There is no lack of qualifiers when it comes to presenting Josman.

The rapper from Vierzon is above all an artist like few others. A goldsmith who works on his projects to the extreme by getting involved in every aspect of the creative process. A meticulous artist who leaves nothing to chance and who has managed to turn his rarity into a real strength.