Maka is a young Belgian who has been swimming in trap and RnB since he was very young. Highly influenced by these two genres, Maka is versatile and technical. He is capable of posing on all types of prods.

Last year, he released numerous singles & videos as well as 2 EPs (Sortez les couverts, Vol. 1&2) on which we can find Geeeko and Olazermi. Recently, he collaborated with DJ Weedim.

MAKA is back with his EP "Sortez les couverts vol.2" and a single in the form of a bastos: "KHALISS".

On a production between trap and drill produced in duo by Ozhora Miyagi and Pitt, the new hope of Belgian rap gives it his heart's content and sequences punchlines and very street phases, making this track a real banger.

With its energetic beat, its West Coast-like layers and its catchy chorus, the young rapper of the Auguri label makes a great comeback with this ultra-efficient street hit.