Mademoiselle Lou


Mademoiselle Lou

She tries to be discreet, but it is hard to miss her because her aura is so captivating. When Mademoiselle Lou sings, the atmosphere suddenly seems lighter. The restlessness falls away and the quietness of the night awakens. The sweetness of her voice and the sincerity of her pen make this 21 year old woman the new gem of the French hip hop scene.
A virtuoso above all, Mademoiselle Lou has been rocked by musical notes since childhood. At home, she listens to classical music. When she was 6 years old, her parents enrolled her at the conservatory in Créteil (94), where she is originally from. There she discovered the piano and, at the same time, choir workshops. At 16, she even participated in a musical. At the same time, she discovered the US scene with Christina Aguilera, Nicki Minaj, Young Thug, or even Adele on the UK scene. However, it was by listening to the imposing Booba and SCH that the future artist identified with the French urban scene.

At the end of high school, the young woman found herself alone in her first flat. Faced with herself, she let herself be invaded by inspiration and her passion was awakened. She made her first demos and wrote her first texts. Accustomed to transcribing her emotions onto paper, Mademoiselle Lou's DNA develops naturally. Imbued with her experiences and feelings, her writing is accurate, touching and anchored in reality. She embraces the soft and catchy rhythm of her instrus to reveal a soaring universe. She launched herself in 2020 on Instagram, during the first confinement, by sharing her first creations. Self-taught and resourceful, she records herself and creates her own prods on her phone.

In October 2021, increasingly motivated and encouraged by her entourage, including that of her friend and manager KNG, Mademoiselle Lou released her first single Ça va. Like her, the song is imbued with a touch of spleen with a hip-hop sound. For the singer, it was the beginning of a new adventure. The following months were fruitful with the release of three new singles: Mala in December 2021, Solo in May 2022 and Netflix & Chill in June of the same year.

Discreet, the sensitivity and strength that emanate from this enigmatic woman captivate and seduce listeners. Paradoxically, a certain lightness emerges from the heavy weight of her words. By tackling universal themes such as relationships, disappointments and realisations of all kinds, she allows a wide audience to identify with her woes and, in this way, to put them into perspective and gain some distance.

In September 2022, Mademoiselle Lou's journey took a new direction when she signed with Elektra (Stavo, Rsko, Malty 2BZ...), one of the labels of major Warner Music. Enthusiastic and inspired for the rest of the expedition, the singer takes the opportunity to unveil her new track Jamais.