Montreal rapper and singer-songwriter Loud, whose real name is Simon Cliche Trudeau, is well known. At the turn of the decade, Loud made history with the trio Loud Lary Ajust, one of the most influential groups in the history of Quebec rap. After having made the rain and the sun shine thanks to their various albums (Gullywood, GullyPlus, Ô Mon Dieu, Blue Volvo and Ondulé), the group decided to separate. The end of the band's activities comes shortly after having crowned the Blue Volvo adventure with a sold-out show at the mythical Métropolis in Montreal in November 2016. 

During 2017, Loud defined the future of their musical destiny by signing with Joy Ride Records (Universal) and releasing their first EP New Phone in April 2017. It is precisely this first project - a four-track EP - that allows the Montreal MC to put an end to all speculation about his ability to live up to his famous line from Loud Lary Ajust's song XOXO, where the MC unabashedly says: "everything I'm going to be, I already was, and that's the best rapper alive". The summer of 2017 was marked by the triumph of the four-track project New Phone and particularly by the success of the song 56K, which became the rap hit of the summer and was exported to Europe. In the space of a few months, the video for 56K was viewed more than a million times on Youtube and allowed Loud to become one of the rap sensations of the moment, both in Quebec and in Europe. 

With the success of his first solo effort, Loud will spend the summer of 2017 writing and producing his first official album. This work will result in the creation of the album "Une année record" (Joy Ride Records / Caroline / Universal), a ten-track album produced by Ruffsound and Ajust, including the singles Devenir immortel (et puis mourir), Hell, What A View and Nouveaux riches, released in Quebec and France on 27 October 2017. With this album, Loud began a veritable takeover of "Made In Quebec" rap. Not only did he garner praise from critics, but he began his real record year.

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