Lesram at Les Ardentes this summer!

Originally from Seine-Saint-Denis, the rough diamond is far from being a rookie. His career started with the Panama Bende collective (of which PLK was a member among others). Lesram will also be a member of LTF before he finally left the collective in 2018.  We could notably hear him on featurings with Nekfeu, Alpha Wann or on the project of Raplume.

His writing style, his technique and his worked flows were noticed from the beginning of his career and his freestyles made him the artist he is today.

On April 1st, Lesram unveiled a new 10-track album, "Wesh enfoiré". Lesram mixed influences and offered us feats with his longtime companions Alpha Wann and PLK.

Lesram does not intend to stop there and intends to continue his crazy ascencion! He gives you an appointment on Saturday, July 8, BE THERE!